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Babysitter anglophone | Garde d'enfants en anglais | Nounou anglais | Cours d'anglais pour enfants à domicile | Cours d'anglais ludique pour enfants

 The TEK Programme is an interactive teaching   programme designed to create the optimal   learning environment for non-English   speaking children 

 It's common knowledge that the best time to start learning a language is when you’re young.

 In fact, research shows that you must begin learning a new language before the age of 10 if you wish to achieve native fluency.

> But what’s the best way to teach children English? 

> How to encourage them to start and keep them engaged?

> Which topics should be taught when, and how?

> How to make it fun, but efficient?

These are the questions that led us to create the TEK Programme.

The TEK Programme is designed to first and foremost be an enjoyable experience for children. The sessions are adapted to their level, personality and learning style. Energetic physical learners will perform activities involving drawing, modelling, touching and moving, whereas more composed visual learners may prefer looking, listening, touching and repeating. The programme features a variety of different games, activities and approaches for tackling each topic, allowing children to revise the same theme without losing interest.



The programme is split into three key levels (one, two and three) with each level then being split into three more (A, B, C). This structure ensures that the sessions are carried out efficiently, meaning that the right topic is tackled at the right moment. The contents has been designed to reflect the school curriculum allowing the children to simultaneously cover the English equivalent. The TEK Programme levels also prepare students to sit the Cambridge English qualifications. A variety of exercises and activities across several topics means that children will have sufficient reading, writing, listening, speaking and overall comprehension skills to successfully pass the exams. The children are taught by young English speakers (just like an older brother or sister) which creates a fun and relaxed atmosphere where they’re not afraid to make mistakes.

Our team of English-speaking educators are trained in and have access to all of the TEK tools and materials. As a parent, or guardian, there are no hidden costs. With help from the state, it’s possible to take advantage of the 50% reduction offer, or if for children under the age of 6, assistance from the CAF (CMG). It’s a two for one service, childcare and private English tuition all rolled into one.