Year abroad internship opportunities for British and European nationals as part of their degree.

Before applying, please ensure that you

are a UK or EU national

are currently enrolled at university

have minimum level B1 in French

 education & child development 

 1 position available starting January 2021 

Join us as an intern and dive head first into developing our linguistic development department. Understand, then become, responsible for designing appropriate and effective teaching tools, methods and materials to be used by our team of teachers and educators.

 design & marketing 

 1 position available starting September 2022 

Join us as an intern and work hand-in-hand with the educational development team by using your creative skills to think up, design and physically create professional and sleek teaching tools and materials. You'll also be responsible for marketing our teaching methodology (Teach English to Kids) and managing our digital communication channels.

 Can't find what you're looking for?

Interested in working with My English Sister, but don't think the internships above would be a good match for you?

For the right candidate, there are plenty of other areas of the business to get involved in. If you would like to discuss the possibility of creating a personalised internship programme focused on HR, business development or legal and regulatory we invite you to reach out directly via email.

 Internship Application Process 

Stage 1

Online application

Stage 2

Telephone interview

Stage 3
Zoom interview in English

- Pedagogical experience
- Scenario based questions
- Internship objectives

- French test

Stage 4

Zoom Interview in French

- French language competency

- French cultural awareness

- Logistics of moving abroad