Want to help French kids learn to speak English?

We are constantly on the lookout for brothers and sisters to join our team of experienced educators and childcarers.


Together, we provide the children of Lyon with fun, innovative and interactive private English tuition.

 Sound like something you want to be a part of? 

Did you know that children don't learn languages, they acquire them?
Young learners are able to develop language skills because of the meaningful human interactions they have with their parents, teachers and, yes you guessed it, older siblings!
Our team of English brothers and sisters take this role very seriously
and pride themselves in building positive relationships with the kids.
They focus on providing the right conditions and opportunities to support their learning and development. 
What makes the perfect English brother or sister?
Native English-speaker (perfectly bilingual)
Someone who grew up speaking English and can communicate with the utmost ease, who knows, and loves using, all the classic idioms and expressions from their native region.
Youthful personality 
(enthusiastic & dynamic)
There's no age limit to working with us, but you'll have to be capable of embodying an older sibling. You'll need enough energy to animate fun games and activities, make your kids laugh and constantly think of new ways to create engaging learning opportunities.
Experienced & knowledgable (childcare and teaching)
You'll need at least 6 months of formal experience. Whether it's teaching or childcare you need to be comfortable working with children and know how to manage different situations.
Ready to join the family?

Is this the kind of opportunity that you're looking for?

  • Part time work

  • Flexible working hours

  • Opportunity to practise your French

  • Gain teaching experience

  • Gain formal teacher training

  • Be a part of a small community

  • English & French speaking support
    (administrative & pedagogical)

Our raison d'être may be to help French children learn English, but it's also about providing opportunities and enriching experiences for English-speakers in France.
 How do we support our brothers and sisters? 
 Teaching tools & training 
We provide the tools, training and support needed to engage, motivate and challenge the children. All of our brothers and sisters are equipped with a TEK (Teaching English to Kids) pack which contains the tools and materials needed to animate a fun and interactive session.
 Moving to Lyon & settling in 
We support and assist any brothers or sisters that move to Lyon to join us. We help find accommodation, open up bank accounts and most importantly, help navigate French administration. We also organise social events and activities...except during a global pandemic, of course.
If you would like more information about working with us you can email us directly at