Alternance 'work-study' contract

French 'alternance' opportunity to study a Master's degree whilst working and earning a monthly salary. 

Before applying, please ensure that you:

are a EU national or possess a valid visa to live and work in France (residence permit)

have previously lived (studied, or worked) in France for a minimum of 12 months

have level B2 - C1 in French


 What is an alternance contract  ? 

It's an opportunity that only exists in France and allows students to continue higher education (with a fully-funded Master's degree) whilst working for a company. Considered as a training-based program, it provides a real gateway into the professional world and encourages young adults to specialise in a specific area.

How does it work?

You can choose any degree as long as it's relevant to MES (marketing, social media, education, HR, finance etc)

The programme rhythm must be at least 4 days at the company with 1 day at university

You receive a monthly salary and are expected to work 20h and study for 15h per week

*work will be a mixture of childcare/teaching sessions and business tasks (recruitment, digital marketing, business development).

 examples of Master's degrees 

  • HR Manager

  • Learning & Development Manager

  • Marketing Manager

  • Marketing & Communication Expert

    Open Classrooms

  • Digital Marketing & Data Analysis

  • UX Design & Digital Business

  • Digital Entrepreneur & Project Management

  • Marketing & Communication Expert

    Ipag Business School

 The start dates for the Master's programmes   vary depending on the school 

 roles available within the company 

Learning & Development


work alongside one of the founders to develop our in-house teaching programme, design & create teaching tools, materials and methods to make learning English fun & interactive

Human Resources


attract (effective marketing of job opportunities), evaluate (phone and physical interviews)

& retain candidates (training, team

management, follow up support)

Social Media Marketing


work with the marketing managers to produce engaging digital content to increase awareness of the company and the opportunities to live and work in France

Business Development


work alongside one of the founders to develop & improve MES's central services, identify new opportunities as well as areas for improvement

Application process

If you're interested in being considered for an apprenticeship position please send your CV and cover letter to

You will then be contacted for an initial phone interview to review your suitability. Successful candidates will be invited to identify the Master's programme that they would like to pursue. Once an appropriate degree has been selected the candidate will be invited to complete two more video interviews, one in English and one in French.

We also welcome you to contact us directly via email for any questions regarding the opportunity.