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Apprenticeship 'work-study' contract

French 'alternance' opportunity to pursue a Master's degree whilst working and earning a monthly salary (12 month contract).

Before applying, please ensure that you:

speak fluent English & have the right to live and work in France (EU national or visa)

have previously lived (studied, or worked) in France for a minimum of 6 months

have at least level B1 in French

Apply now for opportunities

starting in 2023-2024

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 What is an alternance contract  ? 

It's an opportunity that exists in France and allows students to continue higher education (with a fully-funded Master's degree) whilst working for a French company. Considered as a training-based program, it provides a real gateway into the professional world and allows graduates to learn and earn at the same time.

How does it work?

You can choose any of the Master's programmes offered by iPag Business School or

You'll spend four days working at MES and one day studying towards your Master's degree.

You'll receive a monthly salary and the company will pay for your Master's tuition fees.

 Examples of Master's degrees available 

iPag Business School

Digital Marketing & Data Analysis

UX Design & Digital Business

Digital Entrepreneur & Project Management

Manager of Digital Transformation (partnered with several business schools)

Marketing & Communication

Marketing & Business Development

Chief Digital Officer

Strategic HR Manager

In order to complete a Master's degree (BAC+5) in 12 months in France you must have already completed a 4 year Bachelor's degree (3 years + year abroad).
If you completed a 3 year Bachelor's degree your Master's degree will be 24 months in order to reach the BAC+5 status. Most of the programme options listed above have a 12 and 24 month option. My English Sister currently offers a 12-month apprenticeship contract.

 roles available within the company 

Digital Marketing


  • manage social media

  • branding & design

  • create digital content 

  • perform data analysis & SEO

HR & Recruitment


  • develop recruitment strategy

  • market job opportunities

  • review & interview candidates

  • manage & support employees

Education & Pedagogical Dev.


  • develop teaching programme

  • design & create teaching tools

  • create training materials

  • deliver teacher training

Legal & Regulatory


  • understand French labour law

  • assist with work contracts

  • liaise with regulatory bodies

  • draft & review legal documents

Application process

If you're interested in being considered for an apprenticeship position please send your CV and cover letter (specifying the role and Master's subject you're interested in) to

You will then be contacted for an initial phone interview to review your suitability. Successful candidates will be invited to identify the University and Master's programme that they would like to pursue. Once an appropriate degree has been selected the candidate will be invited to complete two video interviews, one in English and one in French.

We also welcome you to contact us directly via email for any questions regarding the opportunity.

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