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Exploring Cultural Shocks: Ireland vs France

Dear readers, welcome to an intriguing voyage exploring the delightful cultural shocks between two amazing countries: Ireland and France. Prepare yourself for a joyful experience as we take a ride through the diverse traditions, languages, cuisines, and other aspects of life.

Grab a bottle of wine or a cup of tea, and let's begin to explore!

Culinary Courage:

When it comes to adventurous cuisine, France and Ireland both have their own special surprises. Black pudding, a traditional blood sausage cooked with oats, spices, and pig's blood, is a cultural shock to face in Ireland. Although it may initially seem intimidating, you might end up enjoying it for it's flavour and hearty texture! In the meantime, be ready to enjoy the exquisite art of escargot, or snails, in France. These delicious mollusks are a culinary delicacy that may seem unusual to the uninformed because they are served in butter with garlic and herbs. So whether you find yourself enjoying escargot or indulging in blood pudding, both nations will push the boundaries of your palate and leave you with delightful tales to tell.

The Art of "Le Goûter":

The beautiful French tradition of "le goûter" may surprise you culturally while teasing your taste buds. This lovely ritual is a time for indulgence and relaxation, usually done in the late afternoon. Gathering around tables decorated with tasty treats, both kids and adults make an average afternoon into a sweet retreat. There are many choices, from delicious pastries like pain au chocolat and croissants to rich cakes and tartes.

The absolute grace and accuracy of "le goûter" are what, however, genuinely set it apart. This afternoon snack is transformed into a mini-feast by exquisitely prepared treats and a steaming cup of hot chocolate or a cool glass of lemonade.

So, whether you find yourself nibbling on a delicate macaron or savouring a flaky pastry, experiencing "le goûter" in France will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the art of indulgence and the joy of taking time to treat yourself.

An example of a French dish and some treats

Weather Wonders:

Ah, the weather, a topic of great conversation in both countries. Ireland, with its verdant landscapes and beautiful rainbows, will gift you with its famous "forty shades of green." Be prepared for spontaneous showers and the occasional friendly mist. In France, the Mediterranean sun will grace you with its warmth, inviting you to bask in the glow of the French Riviera or wander the lavender fields of Provence. Whether it's an umbrella or sunscreen, adaptability is the key to enjoying the wonders of these contrasting climates.

Striking Contrasts:

In Ireland, strikes are relatively infrequent and often resolved through peaceful negotiations, fostering a cooperative spirit among workers and employers. The focus is on finding common ground and maintaining harmonious work environments. However, in France, strikes are considered a passionate expression of workers' rights, creating an electrifying atmosphere of social mobilisation and collective action. French society embraces the power of unity and public demonstrations, transforming strikes into vibrant displays of solidarity. These strikes often transcend individual sectors, encompassing various industries and creating a united front.

Did you know? ...there has been at least 1 strike every year on the French railway network since 1947!

Pub Crawl vs. Café Culture:

Ah, the Irish pub—a pillar of Irish culture and a meeting spot for new acquaintances over pints of Guinness. Get ready for vibrant musical performances, foot-tapping jigs, and sincere "Sláinte" (to your health) cheers. But you'll find a distinct beat in France.

Your interest will be piqued by the delightful café culture's Parisian flair, where enjoying a café au lait and people-watching has become a daily routine. Therefore, both countries have mastered the art of mingling, whether you enjoy the buzz of a bustling pub or the refinement of a French café.

I hope you have enjoyed the amusing dance of cultural shocks between France and Ireland as our pleasant voyage comes to an end.


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