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Four reasons you should do an internship abroad

Wondering what to do for your year abroad here in Lyon? While many of your peers may be planning to study, why not separate yourself from the crowd and choose an internship.

A four-year university degree can feel repetitive; an internship can provide a break from your studies! Internships offer the flexibility for cultural immersion as well as the opportunity to develop professional experience.

Here are four reasons to choose an internship:

Practical experience and skill development

Unlike the traditional classroom-learning offered by study abroad programs, internships offer immersive work experience. You have the chance to apply your knowledge in a professional setting and gain insight into the dynamics of an industry that interests you.

This hands-on experience allows you to develop a diverse skill set, making you a more competitive candidate in the job market.

Language development

Language skills are a valuable asset in the professional field. By choosing an internship abroad, you will immerse yourself fully in a professional environment where you are encouraged to adapt to a new language and communicate effectively. Your French level will improve significantly, and give you a competitive edge in the international job market. Working within a new professional environment broadens your understanding of global communication, as well as French culture. If you choose to study abroad, there is a risk of surrounding yourself with English speakers. Working in a French environment, is a unique opportunity to live in the language, and make each day an opportunity for linguistic growth.

Financial consideration

Study abroad programs can be costly and finances often play a big role in decision-making. Tuition, housing and other expenses add up quickly. When researching internships, you will find that many offer compensations or stipends, therefore making internships more cost-effective. This financial stability not only eases the burden of student loans, but also allows you to explore the host country without as many financial constraints. This is one of many benefits of working with My English Sister.

Personal growth and independence

Moving to France is an enriching experience for your personal growth and independence. Living in a new country, away from the comforts of home, will push you out of your comfort zone. You will learn how to adapt to a different lifestyle, navigate cultural differences, and the importance of self sufficiency. These challenges foster personal growth, helping you to become more adaptable, resilient, and open-minded. Everyday presents an opportunity to learn, connect to and understand France and French culture.

To summarise

Choosing an internship over a study abroad program is a big decision. It has the potential to influence your career prospects and advance your personal development. The practical experience and language skills you acquire from your internship abroad will be invaluable, making you an appealing candidate for future opportunities. If you are at a crossroads and contemplating your own international journey, consider these diverse benefits of an internship abroad. My English Sister can be your bridge to discovering future prospects and opens doors to many possibilities.

*Some advice*

Send out a CV and cover letters to potential companies, it can be tough finding opportunities, so you can try to make them yourself! Ensure that the position fits the requirements of your university. You don't want to go through rounds and rounds of interviews to find out your internship does not comply with your university agreement!

Once securing a placement, you should prioritize accommodation as soon as possible. That way when you arrive in Lyon or another city in France, all your paperwork is done! For more information, visit our website, and check out our blog on accommodation…

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