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5 reasons why you should choose to live in a homestay in Lyon

Are you seeking a complete immersion in French culture and language during your stay in France? If so, a homestay could be the ideal choice for you!

Let's discover why living with a French family can unlock an authentic experience in France.

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  1. What is a homestay?

  2. What are the 5 benefits of living in a homestay?

  3. Discover Lyon Expat Agency and why might they be a good option

What is a homestay?

A homestay is an opportunity for international visitors to reside with a native French family during their stay in France. The host families welcome guests from all over the world and share their home for a few weeks to several months.

What are the 5 benefits of living in a homestay?

Living in a homestay can have some amazing benefits, especially for those who are looking to immerse themselves in the French culture. Here are 5 benefits of living in a homestay:

Examples of what to expect in a homestay

1. Improve French proficiency

One of the most obvious advantages is having a host family who are native French speakers, which can greatly improve your language skills. Moving abroad can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you're not yet comfortable conversing in French.

In a homestay setting, you'll have the opportunity to engage in daily French conversations in a warm and welcoming environment.

2. Cultural immersion

A homestay offers a unique opportunity to engage with the French culture. Unlike the impersonal settings of typical accommodation, a homestay allows you to experience the customs of local life. From sharing home-cooked meals with your host family to participating in traditional ceremonies and festivities, where every moment presents a chance to deepen your understanding of the local culture.

3. Insider knowledge

Your host family offers more than just a place to stay, they can also be crucial in making you feel welcomed in the city by sharing their local knowledge. Staying with locals offers you an advantage of access to insider information about the city. They become invaluable sources of recommendations for local gems and authentic cultural experiences. Whether this be local restaurants, attractions, and events, homestay hosts can open doors to a side of the city that a guidebook would often overlook.

4. Home away from home

Unlike in standard accommodations, a homestay provides an environment where you become a part of a family. With this sense of belonging and familiarity, this can significantly ease your transition into the city. Moreover, by engaging in daily cultural exchanges with your hosts, you'll gain firsthand experiences of local traditions and customs, allowing you to integrate into the local community more rapidly. Ultimately, reducing the feeling of homesickness and loneliness.

5. Administrative ease

A homestay can often be a more convenient choice compared to other rental solutions, primarily due to the reduced paperwork and no requirement for a guarantor. This becomes particularly important during your first relocation to France as you won't know anyone in the country which makes it harder to navigate the administrative processes. Living in a homestay is an ideal solution that allows the transition process to France to be more streamlined, ultimately, leading to reduced stress and feelings of being overwhelmed.

What is Lyon Expat Agency?

My English Sister works closely with an agency in Lyon called Lyon Expat Agency. Lyon Expat Agency is a relocation agency that helps students, young professionals, and families to relocate and find appropriate accommodation in Lyon.

Lyon Expat Agency carefully matches their selection of host families with individuals based on their occupation, personality, and interests. In addition, the hosted individual has the flexibility to determine the extent of their interaction with their host family. For example, they can choose to share meals with the family or eat alone. This makes the experience more inclusive, catering to both individuals who prefers more privacy and only seek a room and a kitchen access, as well as those who prefer more engagement with their host family,

Ran by compassionate individuals, the Lyon Expat Agency takes a proactive approach in pairing families and guests who share similar values and needs. Sophie Dord, the head of the organisation, is passionate about making sure that every individual has a positive and enriching homestay experience.

If you are interested in a homestay in the magnificent city of Lyon, contact Sophie and her team using the button below. If you are looking for more information about homestays in Lyon, visit their website.

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