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Fondé le 1er avril 2019, My English Sister souhaite faciliter l'apprentissage de l'anglais auprès des enfants français à travers des séances linguistiques ludiques et interactives.

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Katy | 07 66 33 85 90

Originally from Scotland, Katy grew up with bilingual friends and was immediately jealous of them. Armed with dictionary and £200 in savings she flew to France at the age the of 19 determined to come back fluent. It ended up taking over 6 years to become bilingual, and a lot of hard work. That's why, today she wants to facilitate the process and help kids start earlier and learn more effectively.

Katy graduated with a first class degree in international business and French before joining an international consulting firm, where she met Charlotte, the person that would later become the final missing piece needed to make MES a success.


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