Fondé le 1er avril 2019, My English Sister souhaite faciliter l'apprentissage de l'anglais auprès des enfants français à travers des séances linguistiques ludiques et interactives.


Charlotte Subtil

responsable administrative

Originaire de Pont-Saint-Esprit, dans le Gard et après avoir habité à Montpellier, Lille, Athènes, New-York et Paris, j'ai enfin posé mes valises à Lyon en 2016.


Diplômée d'un master de droit des affaires et d'une école de commerce, j'ai débuté ma carrière dans de grandes entreprises mais j'ai toujours gardé l'entrepreneuriat dans un coin de ma tête. C'est en rencontrant Katy que j'ai enfin pu poursuivre mon rêve de création d'entreprise, en la rejoignant sur l'aventure My English Sister pour m'occuper de la partie administrative.

Katy Jones

responsable pédagogique

Originally from Scotland, I grew up with bilingual friends and was constantly jealous of them. Armed with a dictionary and £200 in savings I flew to France at the age of 19 determined to come back fluent. It ended up taking over 6 years to become bilingual, and a lot of hard work. That's why, today I want to change the approach to language learning and help kids start learning earlier and more effectively.

I graduated with a first class degree in international business and French before launching an English-speaking babysitting agency in Montpellier. I ran it for two years before handing over the reins and joining an international firm as an IT consultant. Three years was enough time to realise that teaching and working with children was a more rewarding experience and so I decided to collaborate with Charlotte to launch My English Sister here in Lyon.

Francesca Silcock

assistante pédagogique

Having grown up in a small village in North-East Scotland, I've always been eager to discover other parts of the world. During my third year of University I had the chance to live and study in France for 4 months and instantly fell in love with the country and its people. Just 3 months after graduating I find myself back in France, eager to instil my passion for languages in the minds of young French people. I graduated with a first class degree in French and Spanish with distinction in spoken French and am excited to begin my professional journey here at My English Sister as the first ever teaching assistant.