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Both men and women are welcome to apply online to become an English brother or sister.


Before applying, please make sure that

  • you are over 18

  • you speak fluent English

  • and are legally able to work in France

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How we work

All of the families that we work with require our services all year round, beginning on the 2nd of September and finishing on the 6th of July.


We know that many of the individuals wishing to apply are international or Erasmus students and we understand that because you're moving abroad, finding accommodation and waiting for your university schedule you may not be available for all of the initial sessions.


This is why we offer several different types of working contracts.

 september   only 

Many of the individuals that we work with don't arrive in Lyon until the end of Sep or mid Oct.


We are therefore always on the lookout for Brothers and Sisters to cover sessions in September (2nd of Sep until the 2nd of Oct). 

 short term   contract 

International or Erasmus students often only stay for 3 or 4 months (Sep to Dec or Jan to June), we still invite you to apply.


We will aim to find a family that matches your start and end date, and also give you the time to settle in and get your university timetable sorted.

 long term   contract 

If you're already settled in Lyon and know your availability for the year then we can easily set you up with a full year contract.

If your availability changes mid-year, it's not a problem, we'll adapt accordingly and find a better suited family for you to work with.

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