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Want to help French kids learn to speak English?

...and live and work in Lyon, earning money and improving your French, all while having a support system and social life?


 You're in the right place 

Our raison d'être may be to help French children learn English, but it's also about providing opportunities and enriching experiences for English-speakers in France.

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 How do we support our Brothers & Sisters? 

 Enriching Opportunities 

We match our

Brothers & Sisters up with French families across Lyon to help teach their children English.


In this role you get to live abroad, improve your French, immerse yourself in French culture, earn a fair salary (€12 net per hour), develop key skills and experience, as well as keep a work-life balance and make the most of this beautiful city. 

 Teaching Tools & Training 

We provide the tools, training and support needed to engage, motivate and challenge the children. 


All of our Brothers & Sisters are equipped with a TEK (Teaching English to Kids) pack which contains the tools and materials needed to animate a fun and interactive session.

 Moving & Settling In 

We support and assist Brothers & Sisters that move to Lyon to join us. We help find accommodation, open up bank accounts and most importantly, help navigate French administration.


We also organise social events and activities, allowing the team the opportunity to meet like-minded people and experience the real Lyon.

 Career-enhancing Skills 

Working abroad, learning a second language and adapting to a new culture are skills that should not be taken lightly.


The experience that you can gain from teaching and working with kids will help you develop many invaluable skills that are be crucial to any professional career, whether you stick with teaching or move into consulting, law, marketing or anything in between.

What makes the perfect English brother or sister?
Native English-speaker
(or perfectly bilingual)
Someone who grew up speaking English and can communicate with the utmost ease, who knows, and loves using, all the classic idioms and expressions from their native region.
Youthful personality 
(enthusiastic & dynamic)
There's no age limit to working with us, but you'll have to be capable of embodying an older sibling. You'll need enough energy to animate fun games and activities, make your kids laugh and constantly think of new ways to create engaging learning opportunities.
Experienced & knowledgable (childcare and teaching)
You'll need at least 6 months of formal experience. Whether it's teaching or childcare you need to be comfortable working with children and know how to manage different situations.
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Woman cycling in Lyon

Navigate the city

English teacher collecting child from school

School pick-up

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Games & activities

Interested in applying?

Each year we recruit a team of young and motivated students and graduates to join us on our mission to make English language learning easy, accessible and affordable for French children across Lyon. Check out the different opportunities to find out more.

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