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21 reasons do your Year Abroad in Lyon 🇫🇷

Dernière mise à jour : 30 nov. 2023

1. The food is amazing.

There's a reason Lyon is consistently voted the gastronomical capital of Europe.

2. The weather is great; hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

It's the ideal city to experience all four seasons and the relevant activities.

3. The city is absolutely gorgeous.

Our favorite weekend activity? Wandering around the city admiring the stunning buildings, parks and views...

4. It’s a student-friendly city, full of bars and clubs for the perfect night out.

The Place des Terreaux is always buzzing in the evening.

5. The instagrammable view-points.

With its two rivers and hilly terrain Lyon is the perfect destination to capture those classic city views.

6. It's easy and cheap to get around.

For €25 per month you can get an unlimited student city travel card, and for €15 you can get a city bike pass.

7. The bread and patisseries are top notch.

There's a bakery on pretty much every corner and, with pain au chocolat only costing €1, they make for the perfect breakfast-on-the-go!

8. The Brioche aux pralines.

A Lyonnaise speciality, a delicious pink creation, that will melt in your mouth.

9. It’s cheaper than Paris, yet still only a 2-hour train ride away.

If booked far enough in advance, a return ticket only costs around €40.

10. Le parc de la Tête d'Or.

France’s largest urban park, plus there’s a free zoo.

11. It’s a very international city.

From free language exchange events to free shots in bars for having a 'cool' accent, you're sure to fit in.

12. The sunrises are worth waking up early for.

Our top spots are definitely:

  • Croix Rousse

  • La fourvière

13. The Rhône and the Saône; Lyon's two stunning rivers.

You really have to see them for yourself.

14. It’s an ideal location if you love to ski.

It's 1h30 from the Alps and only 45 minutes from the closest ski slopes. Plus a full day’s skiing only costs €50 (transport and pass included) - thanks SkiMania!

15. The cobbled streets of Vieux Lyon.

It’s also a great place to find a traditional Bouchon.

16. The street art and murals.

Try visiting the beautiful ‘Mur des Canuts’.

17. It's a hotspot for the culturally-educated.

You have to visit ‘La Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière’ and the Roman Amphitheatre just next to it.

18. The famous Fête des Lumières

For 4 evenings, buildings are lit up, creating a magic atmosphere in the streets and in downtown and Old Lyon.

19. It has secret passageways.

Called Traboules, these hidden corridors were built in the 4th century so merchants could travel throughout the city unseen.

20. The interesting city history.

Did you know the Lumière Brothers, who invented the cinema, are from here?

21. The wine, especially the red.

You can never go wrong a Côte-Rôtie, Beaujolais or a Côtes-du-Rhône, and at €5-8 a glass they won't break the bank!

Want to move to Lyon, but haven't yet found a job?

Check out our opportunities online:

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