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5 good reasons to do an 'alternance' in France

In France, an ‘alternance’ is a popular choice for students and young people looking to progress in their career. Many institutions and schools offer the possibility of an ‘alternance’ program and work with their students to provide and facilitate these opportunities.

Our previous blog article explained what the French alternance system is, but is it worth it and what are the real benefits?

Reasons to do an alternance

Here are five good reasons to do an ‘alternance’:
1. Earn and learn simultaneously

First and foremost, an ‘alternance’ program allows you to independently finance your studies and/or training, as the education is funded by the statutory business, meaning you will receive a monthly salary depending on age and situation (see previous article). This means you are able to rent and provide for yourself independently. This is particularly relevant due to the cost of living crisis, where further education can result in lots of student debt.

2. A varied timetable

Furthermore, doing an ‘alternance’ program allows you to vary your weekly activity between focused study sessions and practical work experience. During an 'alternance program', the working week is varied and would therefore be a good option for those looking to move on from full-time study, which can sometimes seem relentless after a full-time bachelor's degree.

An 'alternance' schedule is agreed upon with both the institution providing the education and the funding business to ensure that juggling the two elements never becomes overwhelming.

3. Exercise your knowledge in a professional environment

In addition, the ‘alternance’ program is a beneficial opportunity as you can apply the theory and expertise learned from the master's degree or training in an authentic working environment. From an employers' perspective, this would most likely make the 'alternance' student stand out as they have both learned and exercised their knowledge, and already gained an employee status.

4. The power of word of mouth

Moreover, by doing an ‘alternance’, you are able to meet and network with other working professionals within your industry. Whether it be during meetings or during the lunch break, you are able to talk with working professionals and widen your network. This could be particularly beneficial for later employment opportunities and job openings.

5. Use and advance your french

Finally, an ‘alternance’ lets you practice and improve your French proficiency in a business environment. Whether French is your native language or you are just a beginner, working in a professional environment will create endless opportunities to speak French and widen your vocabulary. This will also help grow your confidence in speaking French if you are not a native speaker.

Here is what our HR and Pedagogical development apprentice Ellie says about her decision to do an 'alternance' with My English Sister:

"I wanted to requalify with a more vocational masters course. I thought an alternance would be a great way to do this without adding to my student debt, giving me the chance to put my learning into practice as I go! Especially in a company like My English Sister, I have the freedom and support to participate in different tasks and roles that help me apply my learning"

The possibilities of an ‘alternance’ are endless and here we have detailed five reasons why. My English Sister offers the opportunity to do an ‘alternance’: you could potentially work and study in the beautiful city of Lyon. Follow this link to find out more:

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