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Five fun ways to teach English to children

Dernière mise à jour : 16 janv.

As someone who is not a school teacher, I always try to make sure that the children I take care of enjoy their time with me, and don’t see it as an extension of their school day.

At MES, we see our families up to four times a week giving us the time to tailor our sessions to the age, stage and learning style of each child.

It goes without saying that children learn most effectively when having fun, which is why I've put together my top five tips for keeping kids engaged, motivated and (appropriately!) challenged when learning English.

Kids learn through play, so the first tip is to always approach learning through games. Some good examples of this are activities like flashcard treasure hunts, where you hide images all over the room and the kids have to find the image that corresponds to the word you have given them.

It is also important to personalise the game to the child you are with. For example, I work with seven year old Théo who loves cars. Instead of asking him to match up flashcards with his hands, I like to ask him to drive his car over to the corresponding flashcard.