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Lauryn in Lyon; interning with MES

Dernière mise à jour : 6 mai 2023

Hey guys! My name is Lauryn, I moved to Lyon in September 2021 from Kildare, Ireland. Back home I study International Business and Languages at TUD (Technological University Dublin).

Since arriving here I have been immersing myself in all things French - visiting different cities, eating lots of pastries and, of course, enjoying French wine.

Lyon has become my favourite city in France. The people are amazing, the lifestyle is great and every little crevice of the city is just gorgeous. Keeping yourself busy in Lyon is super easy as there is always so much to do, long walks to the basilica, wine tastings coffee and a croissant by the river ,

museums, and sight-seeing around the city (everything Is beautiful).

Choosing Lyon for my year abroad was truly the best decision I could have made, I got the opportunity to meet people from all different backgrounds and cultures as well as experiencing a new way of life in a beautiful French city and creating some unforgettable memories!

When I first arrived in Lyon I was studying in a French college, I enjoyed the experience of a University in a different country but wanted to immerse myself more in the French culture while also getting work experience, so I set out to look for an internship for my second semester in Lyon.

As soon as I found the My English Sister page I knew it was for me, the opportunity to work with kids while also getting marketing experience in France and all whilst speaking English was something I hadn’t found anywhere else and it really stuck out to me. Working with the company has been amazing. I have been given so much support since starting and I know that any problem can be solved with just one call, in addition I have made some amazing new friends and connections, and overall have learnt skills that I will carry with me going forward into future companies.

Working with kids

My experience working with French children has been great! All the children I work with are eager and happy to learn English in a non-traditional way. Every child is different, with varying interests, so the same method doesn’t work for all but once you find what suits best and what the children react best to it can be such fun as you can incorporate their interests into games and activities.

Working with children is a great experience even if you’re not looking to pursue a career in the area as it can help you discover a more creative side in yourself while also helping with other skills such as time management, communication skills.

It is also an extremely rewarding job.

Overall I am very grateful I was chosen to do this internship and cannot wait to see what the next few months bring!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to email the team at or visit the My English Sister website.

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