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Student internship opportunities

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Before applying, please ensure that you:

  • are a UK/EU national (or have a student visa)

  • are currently enrolled at university

  • have minimum B1 level in French

 teaching & pedagogical dev. 

Join us as an intern and dive head first into developing our linguistic development department. Use your creative skills to think up, design and physically create professional and sleek teaching tools and materials. You'll also develop our teacher training programme and may even be asked to animate training sessions yourself.

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 teaching & digital marketing 

Join us as an intern and support our marketing operations. First learn the ins and outs of the business, before mastering the key tools (Canva, Adobe, Wix, Google, social media etc) and being able to effectively communicate on behalf of the company.

 teaching & HR management 

People are the heart and soul of the company. Since launching we've worked with over 100 Brothers & Sisters from countries all across the world. Work with us to develop and reinforce the culture and ensure that we provide a fair and enriching professional experience. Work closely with the marketing team to develop a recruitment strategy and learn how to attract and evaluate potential candidates.

 teaching & legal compliance 

Support our Financial & Administrative Director and dive head first into the inner workings of a French SME. Get to grips with French labour law and assist with employee work contracts. You'll need a good level of French (at least C1) to help liaise with regulatory bodies and be involved in drafting and reviewing legal and administrative documents.

 Internship Application Process 

 Day in the Life of a Teaching &   Digital  Marketing Intern 

Stage 2
Telephone interview

Stage 3
Zoom interview in English

- Pedagogical experience
- Scenario based questions
- Internship objectives

- French test

Stage 4
Zoom Interview in French
- French language competency
- French cultural awareness
- Logistics of moving abroad

Day in the Lie
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